Convenience Services

ATM/Debit Card

Franklin Bank's ATM/Debit Cards allow you access to your money 24 hours a day; get cash or purchase goods and services worldwide. (Transaction types may vary based on the card chosen.) Apply for a card today; the savings can begin the first time you use it in stores, restaurants, gas stations and anywhere the MasterCard® logo is displayed. Also, get worldwide access to cash anywhere the PLUS® or the Maestro® sign is displayed.

To Activate your new card or change your PIN - call 1-800-992-3808 and follow the prompts.


We care about your money and Chip Card technology is the newest wave in protection. All newly issued cards will provide this added layer of security. For more details click here.

All cash withdrawals and purchases are subject to per transaction monetary limits. Limits are set to protect the customer and the bank from fraud. Temporary one-time purchase exceptions may be made on a case by case basis. Please contact your local branch office for additional information.

Have You Received a Phone Call or Text Alert From Our Fraud Department? See our Debit Card Fraud Alert FAQ Sheet by clicking Here.

Travel plans? Let us know in advance for the most efficient card protection. Your card security is important to us. Click Here to see a list of blocked states and countries where only PIN based transactions are allowed. ATM Machine Locator - MasterCard ATM Locator Enter your location whether in the United States or traveling abroad.

Important tips to help you protect your card info: Card Protection Info.

Report a Lost or Stolen Card - During Business Hours contact your local Franklin Branch Office. After Business Hours - Weekends - Holidays 1-800-472-3272. If you have received a call from our Fraud Department about debit card transactions or if you are having difficulty using your debit card, please call 1-877-253-8964.

Lost or Stolen Purse/Wallet - You may wish to contact the Credit Bureaus; this link is for the U.S. Government website with Credit Bureau phone numbers and information:

MasterCard Automated Billing Updater - Beginning in October 2017, Visa and MasterCard will require all financial institutions to participate in an Account Updater Service, known by MasterCard as Automated Billing Updater (ABU). ABU will provide updates to merchants who maintain your card information on file, to process your preauthorized payments. Examples of these merchants include subscription services or utility companies, etc. This service is only for Recurring Payment Merchants. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) click HereTo Opt-out of Automated Billing Updater click here: Opt-out form for Automated Billing Updater

MasterCard 3DSecure 2.0 - MasterCard Identity Check (MasterCard SecureCode/Verified by Visa) will upgrade to 3DS 2.0 on November 1, 2017. Based on a risk-based authentication, the issuer can approve a transaction without cardholder interaction. The benefit to our customer is the elimination of a static password, giving you a smoother, secure check-out process.

Personal Credit Card

A credit card is the simplest way to have extra purchasing power in your pocket. Give yourself the credit, and benefits, you deserve. Switch to the Franklin Bank Visa® Credit Card Today! Our Visa® Platinum Credit Card Offers Great Benefits!

  • Competitive Rates*
  • Reward points for merchandise and travel that never expire!
  • Tickets good on any airline with no blackout dates
  • Personal service from people you know

*See the card applications Important Disclosures for current terms, rates, fees and Rewards Benefits. Credit cards are subject to credit approval. Cards are issued by TCM Bank, N.A. In order to access rewards, your account must be open and in good standing.



EZ Voice - Bank by Phone

Our telephone banking system gives you fast, free, personal banking information 24/7. You can obtain balances, transfer funds and obtain deposit interest rates. Simply dial 1-855-935-2260 from any location.

Cash Advances

Need a little extra cash? We accept VISA®, Mastercard® and DISCOVER® for cash advances at all of our branch locations.* Fees may apply

Bank Checks

Want a more secure way to send money or make a purchase? A bank check will do the job and they are available at all of our branch locations.* Fees may apply

Safe Deposit Boxes

To protect your valuables, consider a Franklin safe deposit box. Various sizes are available at most of our branch locations. Click for Sizes & Fees.

Notary Services

Most of our branch personnel are certified Notary Publics and the service is always free to our customers.

Coin Counting

We are pleased to offer free coin counting for Franklin Bank Customers. Please note that coin is subject-to-count.

*For information about the national coin shortage please click here.

Direct Deposit

Regardless of the type of payment you receive, Direct Deposit is the way to go. It's safe, secure and gives you quick access to your money. Check with your employer, or the agency which sends your payment, to see if they participate.

  • Franklin's ABA/Routing Number is 231271239.

Franklin Bank wants to keep you informed!

Changes in the rules for Automated Clearing House (ACH) are taking effect as of September 15, 2017.  Due to these changes, virtually all types of electronic payments (excluding debit card transactions), for both credits and debits are now eligible to be processed on the same day that they are originated.  This will speed up the payment system, which is a great benefit when you are receiving a deposit; but also means that when you are making a payment, it will now clear sooner. 

What does this mean to you?

To avoid non-sufficient funds and overdraft fees make sure funds are available in your account when you initiate payments online, by check, or via telephone.  Float times will be greatly reduced, if not eliminated altogether.